Bali Villas Network

There has been an unprecedented increase in Bali Villas Rental Vacation over the last decade. And with a good reason also. Holiday Villas in Bali provide the most luxurious vacation options with the best views, world class services & amenities and complete privacy. No hotel or resort can offer these kind of features when compared to a Villa.

Bali Villas are great for hosting Family reunions, Weddings, Summer vacations and much more. There are number of options when it comes to Bali Villa Rental and Vacation Villas in Bali. Bali is not only a perfect tourist destination with beautiful beaches and views but also is the home to some of the world best and most luxurious Villas. Any visitor while choosing for Villa for vacation will be spoiled for choice. Though majority of the villas will have great locations and very luxurious with all modern amenities, few guidelines are must before deciding on your dream vacation rental villa home.

Bali Villas on Internet

Most people will find internet as an easy source to find those villas in Bali. There is a wealth of information online that will help you make plans for your holidays and in choosing Bali villas for your holiday. There are number of villa rental agents you can find on the internet displaying lots of selection of villa rental in Bali. Mostly the list is the same from one agent to another.

But there are several things to check with this Bali villas online agents to ensure you have the best holiday experiences in Bali. First you must find if they have available informations such as office address or phone numbers or fax that can be reach if somehings happen.

Bali Villa Rental Association

Second thing, they must displaying the logo of Bali villa rental association, which is the only goverment approved association of villa rental agencies. The Bali Villa Rental Association (BVRA) was established by and for licensed villa rental agencies operating in Bali with the aim to initiate and maintain a healthy business climate. BVRA is a body that ensures service quality for clients in a segment composed of both villa owners and holiday makers.

The third matter yg must pay attention to is whether online agents had permission from the government to operate as villa agent. Many of the rental villas agent this do not have permission as villa agent and also do not pay taxes to the goverment. Agent like this did business individually and resulting their services given to customer will not satisfying and the nonexistence of cancellation policy procedure also will make matters worse.